Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 We spent last weekend in Carmel, frolicking on the beach and enjoying time with cousins.
Just before we went to bed we learned of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We voluntarily evacuated around 2:30 in the morning for fear of the unexpected outcome of the tsunami as it crossed the Pacific. The surge wasn't as predicted and so the next morning we returned to the beach house. I wish so badly I could say the same for the tsunami victims in Japan, my heart goes out to them as they struggle to find loved ones and etch out a new life in what appears to be a living hell. I'm quite sure the ocean and it's seaside hold a different meaning to them as they fear it's power, instability and what may wash up on it's shore. Looking at my photos feels strange, naive really, to play in the ocean's calmness on such a perfect beach.

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