Friday, January 7, 2011

Well Fed.

 I haven't seen Faith in three and a half years. If you would have told me 7 years ago that we would have gone this long without seeing each other, I would have bet against you and never believed you. When she first moved back East, I made every available attempt vacation time would allow to fly to Boston in order to catch up with her. I was with her when I found out about my Mom's death, serendipitous really, because she had just lost her own sweet Mama not long before I did. In college we had all sorts of adventures; city trips, camping trips, a Sundance business venture, there was rarely a free length of time that we weren't playing games or running around. And just like it always is with kindred friendships, yesterday our conversation picked up just where we left it. From the moment I picked her up at the train station to the moment I dropped her back, I was Home. Nothing feeds your spirit like reconnecting with an old friend. We didn't talk about the past instead we lived in the few hours we had eating at Tower Cafe and creating at art BEAST. The perfect afternoon.
 Faith and Savannah feeding Chai Latte to Penelope. 
 Painting the wall at art BEAST.
 Faith is an artist. She used to paint. Now, she is a performance artist. See Here.
 Dress up at art BEAST.

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