Monday, January 24, 2011

Away Its Goes.

 I watched another hoarding show, this was the byproduct.
Tim made 2 trips to donate to Snowline Hospice, truck full both times, and 1 trip to the dump.
 This contagious cleaning process of watching people on these shows, drowning in their stuff and cleaning up their lives couldn't come at a better time for us. We need to make room for Baby B and truthfully, it is so nice to live with less stuff. Living with less "things" shines a light on wanting to develop better relationships and finding out what really matters. ALL the toys now fit comfortably in the Little Girls bedroom, it is a small room but doesn't look cluttered (when it is tidy). They were so overwhelmed with the sheer volume of toys, their attention span and imaginations seemed stunted. They literally danced in the cleared spaces in the living and playroom. And the rest of the weekend they squealed with delight when they recognized a long-lost toy previously hidden by other toys. They also played "house" more than anything this weekend, two baby dolls got a lot of attention.
 I whittled my 1 linen closet down to 3 sets of sheets for the Master bed, 1 for the guest bed, 2 for the Little Girls' bed, 2 bath towels and washcloths each and 1 beach towel/person. We must have donated at least 12 blankets/throws/comforters.
We drank a lot of tea over the weekend while enjoying company and a CLEAN house. Thank you Jenni for your friendship, your help in the yard and for bravely cleaning out the microwave.

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  1. I hear you! I have been slowly going through things in the house and getting rid of stuff. I feel like we have too much stuff too. I probably need to get rid of more stuff.