Friday, January 14, 2011

Checking in.

This week has been busy and passed with a complicated schedule, one I'm happy to leave in the past. I am eager for this weekend and returning to our normal flow. I haven't much felt like toting around the camera or feeding this blog, my creativity seems a little low. On the other hand I have made a conscious effort to pay close attention and cherish bedtime conversations with Ivy (no child snuggles better than Ivy) and Savannah's questions pondering life (why kids hit and if they'll end up in jail, heaven, birth, death and why Miriam from ballet is never allowed to come over-no matter how many times she invites herself...not ever.) Wait a minute... through the above debriefing I see that this week boiled down to the important stuff, I'll take these precious moments and conversations with The Little Girls into the weekend and next week too.

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