Monday, January 17, 2011

Cut The Clutter.

Over time I've realized that TV shows documenting hoarders and their road to healing/recovery are very valuable. I am not a hoarder, but clutter in the form of papers and magazines stack up around this house quickly, leaving me agitated and desperate for a place to start cleaning. Both Tim and I love, love, LOVE magazines and can never keep up with the constant and eventual income of our subscriptions. So I have decided that one hoarding show a day keeps the clutter away from this house. Yesterday I watched Enough Already with Peter Walsh on the OWN, this one lady had over 2000 magazines! Immediately after the show I searched the living space, Honey Hut and bedroom for any and all magazines. I went through each one, tearing out articles of interest and inspiration. I can't believe I haven't done this sooner. I can't wait to watch the next hoarding show and see what clutter I clear/donate/trash next!
Evidence of my de-cluttering. As I look at this stack, it doesn't seem like that much but it's burden felt like a mountain of magazines. Oh, and my de-cluttering was contagious because Tim made a serious dent in his stack too as well as canceling 11, yes 11 subscriptions.

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  1. You go, Sister!! I'm now addicted to Peter Walsh and watched yesterday too. Result was a good clear out of J's older toys and the linen closet. We now have another big box of stuff to donate - already our second Goodwill trip this month. Feels great!!! So proud of you!