Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life Imitating Art.

 I never know if my Art students will grasp an assignment fully, appreciate it or hate it. Last week we did our first Still Life in pastels, a project every student enjoyed. They sat so quietly listening to the classical music, drawing in earnest from their individual perspectives. In the last five months there have been only two projects that captured even the wiliest of attentions; this composition and the Clothespin Ornaments. The following examples are what I consider the best of the best from last week.
 Nathan, 6th grade.
 Camryn, 5th grade.
 Steven, 3rd grade.
Bryce, 3rd grade.
Octavia, 1st grade (six years old!)
And my quick and a little off scale example based on our muse, 'Cake Dish With Citrus'.


  1. These are just too sweet. I can't wait to have kiddos and see what they bring home someday...hopefully their artwork will be of this calibur. ;)

    Hope you (and baby #3!) are doing well!

  2. So neat Dusty, your talent is so great, and your class is so lucky. :)