Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Elephantine is a favorite blog I follow. Rachel is having a giveaway. 
This Zig-Zag Tote from the eco-friendly Kind Boutique. Follow the directions at the bottom of her post and you might find yourself a lucky winner!

A friend of mine has started a new blog, Separate Checks. It's very clever and sure to be a favorite. Lucky for me, the Napa Valley isn't too far away and so I plan on dining at these "dive/sketchy" establishments based on "Frugal Guy's" recommendations. You really must check it out. So bookmark it. Now.
(Jed...genius, can't wait for more!)


  1. Thanks for linking us Dusty! We've got more meals to post but just need to find time to make it happen. We're actually going to In 'n Out today to document the secret menu.

  2. Dusty,
    Here is another blog that I'm sure you'll find interesting. I really like her style of art.