Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baseball Birthday.

 Before The Little Girls, years passed unnoticed. Seasons passed, recognized only by wardrobe change or holidays. Nothing marks time more now than children, their development and growth. I can remember what I was doing with The Little Girls at this time last year and what stage they were in. I remember clothing they wore and what their faces looked like. A year ago, Jackson was born. I never imagined how much love can grow in such a short time. It continues to surprise me. I love this boy for his sweet nature, his easy smile, his adoration for the small things which he greets with pointed index finger, his connection to his cousins and how they all care for each other and for the special relationship we've built together every Tuesday when he comes to play.
 Jackson is 1 year-old. 
This precious boy is growing up too fast. Jared and Jenny 
celebrated by giving him a Giant's Baseball Party, two celebrations in one.
 Hot Dogs and French Fries.
 All in the Family.
 Jackson and his Auntie LiLi.
 Deeds and Savannah.
The 3 J's, a beautiful family.

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