Thursday, November 4, 2010


This photo does not appropriately represent the size of this spider who dared to crawl across our living room floor the other night. I was as big as the shiver that ran up and down my spine twice over. It took Tim and I, a tupperware and some choreography to get this arachnid outside to its proper habitat. He was fast and on a mission. As a child I never really noticed spiders, I was more annoyed by mosquitoes and ants. My sister Dee Dee used to let out the most alarming shriek/squawk/shudder when she spotted a spider, and if one ever touched her? Well, her reaction evoked monster goosebumps on anyone within earshot. When I moved to Spain in my early 20's, I lived on the second floor of a well kept apartment building in the heart of the city. I didn't see even one cobweb let alone spider for about a year. When I moved back to California, I noticed every web and it's creepy maker with a shiver. Recently I canceled our pest control service to save a little money over these next cold winter months ahead. Hmmm...perhaps I should reconsider.  

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