Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here and There, NYC.

 Raoul's. A New York institution. My friend Aaron was the wine director here for four years, the food was incredibly delicious. If ever I am in a situation where I am asked for a "last meal" and could choose any cuisine, I would choose exactly what I ate that night. The stories Aaron told me about this establishment, the frequenting patrons, the servers and employees, the movies shot here- all of it was so colorful and alive.
 This was delicious, I don't even know what it was called but it did include grilled squid. It was divine.
 The dining room and the portrait? The Duchess of York.
 Aaron in his East Village.
Somewhere between Soho and the East Village. I love the pink.
 This restaurant was delicious also. I think it is called 44th and 10th...I don't know. All the servers were wearing shirts that said "Heaven" on the front and "In Hell" on the back. Clever. It is in Jo's (our gracious host's) neighborhood, Hell's Kitchen.
 Jo and Leilani.
 Ever wonder how the tiniest of children get around the city on a field trip while in nursery/preschool? These two examples fascinated me. Top: Hell's Kitchen, Bottom: Chelsey Market.
 If you visit New York, you must find Levain Bakery in the Upper West Side. The cookies are super-yummy. A 1/2 pound a piece. Crazy sweet.
 Looking in apartment windows at dusk. The Upper West Side.

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