Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Parade of Cousins.

I grew up with my cousins and what I mean by that is this,
Laura and Devin (love you Lolly and Devie!) came over Monday-Friday all day long from the moment my Aunt went back to work after they were born until they started Kindergarten. It was cousin bliss. We Sattler kids always had playmates, never an alone moment and hours of holding hands while exploring the orchards and hiding in the tree house. Childhood Heaven. I want this life for the Little Girls, little else seems normal to me.
My only wish is that Addie lived closer.
Tuesday Morning: First? Jackson.
Second? Sydney and Dawson.
And Third? We swam Huddy at his Grammy LaLa's.
(photo from Lissa's blog. Lissa this photo is fantastic!)

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