Friday, June 25, 2010

Hi, My Name Is Dusty...

...and I clip coupons. I'm a clip-a-coupon-aholic.
More of a discount-aholic.
There is something like the Holy Grail of coupon clipping that I've had my eye on, heart-set on. This "pot at the end of the discount rainbow" is this...using coupons to get something I need, FREE. I've seen it on the Today show, Oprah and in magazines but this "Unicorn" of coupon clipping and coupon doubling has eluded me. But today is the day, my day of triumph when I take these coupons to Safeway...
...and get a free tube of toothpaste.
The cherry on top? I should get a penny back.
Cha Ching!

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