Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Slide And Other Endearing Palm Desert Favorites.

One of the pools at the Marriott Shadow Ridge has a great water slide. Savannah has been enjoying it the past two times we visited but Ivy only wanted to go with Tim or I, never solo. But this time she saw her brother do it on Tim's lap, Jack on Jenny's, Hank on Jared's and that was it. She was ready to give it a go with her "life jest" and nose pinched.
 Tim and Goo.
 Jenny and Jack.
 Ivy's first time alone. I love Jenny's reaction on the left.
 Jared and Hank.
Family, taking a break and talking about the slide. I was hesitant to ride the slide this time because I broke my big toe dismounting it a year and a half ago. I worked up the nerve and enjoyed it a few times with Goo the last day of our stay.

Here is a list of favorite things about Palm Desert:
The property, Shadow Ridge.
The climate. I love the desert.
Angela and family come to visit on the weekend.
The slower pace of life.
Night walks with our little family.
I get called "dear" instead of "ma'am". I love "dear", hate "ma'am".
The shopping; thrift, outlets, boutiques and discount.
Michelle visits us midweek.
The sunrises and sunsets.
My morning run on the golf course.
The mountains.
Colors seem so vibrant against the brown/sandy backdrop.
Everyone is happy, in vacation mode and there is no agenda except to enjoy the list above.

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