Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Close Call.

The day we returned from the desert, our Alma Americana Chicken was pulled halfway through our wire fence. How a neighbor dog grabbed her by the tail and pulled her backward through a 2x4 inch space is baffling to me but she was naked of her feathers on one side and bleeding badly. By the time Tim scared off the dog, the other lovelies were already pecking her wound, putting her out. I separated her from the others by keeping her in our bathtub, cleaning her sores with hydrogen peroxide and water. She lived there for two days and then I moved her to a dog kennel for a week. It was heart-breaking to see her so hurt and lonely away from the flock. She wanted companionship so badly. When I reintroduced her, the other lovelies put her in her place, she went from being 2nd in pecking order to last. The only lovely pleased to see her again was Almond Cake, the other Americana. Those two are as thick as thieves. They sleep in the same nesting box and have each other's backs. Because Almond Cake is top chick here at The Hut, Alma is back in the good graces of all The Lovelies. Her wound is healing and her feathers are growing back in. She is easier to catch these days, I think thankful we nursed her and saved her life. I hope she repays with beautiful and delicious eggs.

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