Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Today Savannah's class had a field trip to Harris Center to see Jack And The Beanstalk. I rarely have one-on-one time with Savannah (I have it everyday with both Grady and Ivy because of school schedules) so I was excited to have uninterrupted conversation with this little lady and see the world from her view for a couple hours. The play was funny and the experience great, but my favorite part was having a treat just she and I before heading home to my other Littles. While we were sitting outside watching the clouds gather for a storm and talking about upcoming plans, I realized how jealous I was of Savannah. She was spending quality time with her mom, the person who adores her most in the world. I wouldn't have changed our time together right then for anything save the utterly impossible--that we switch places for just a second. To feel that nurturing love again: complete adoration from my mom. The way she used to look at me, her eyes lit up. I do sometimes find myself jealous of My Littles and the time they have with their Mom.

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