Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2 Tough Mudders.

My brother Jared and Tim made a deal. Tim would do the Tough Mudder with Jared if Jared read 6 books of Tim's choosing. Tim stuck to end of the deal and on Sunday these brothers-in-law completed the hardcore obstacle course.
At the starting line.
On their way to the first challenge.
The lifts to the top of the mountain were closed because of a wind advisory and besides, super sketchy with five littles so Jenny and I waited with our littles at the village below. 
Three hours later we waited for them at the last two obstacles. When they came around the corner earlier than expected, we cheered proudly and with lumps in our throats. That's Jenny, Jack and Hank waving them on.
Promptly after coming across the finish line, their teeth started chattering and their body temperatures plummeted. It was a very cold day with winds at the top of the course at 50 mph. That combined with total submersion into ice water at several obstacles was a dangerous combination. Luckily we rushed them back to the cabin for warm showers and rest. 
Goo shared his "big guy" with his daddy.

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