Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Sick Bed.

When Savannah was 2 years-old we started the tradition of "The Sick Pillow". The Sick Pillow is really just an old soft flannel pillowcase I used to slip over Savannah's pillow in case she threw up. Since then whenever she has a bad tummy ache, cold or flu-bug she asks for The Sick Pillow. She had a fever yesterday and terrible stomache too. The Sick Pillow wasn't going to cut it. So I pulled out The Sick Bed, where I could better snuggle her by the fire. And since I kept her home from school, My Littles and I stayed on The Sick Bed all day. We crawled out about an hour before the sun went down and went outside for some fresh air, but once the sun was down we were snuggled up under the flannel sheets-all four of us. I had to take The Sick Bed down this morning (Savannah is feeling much better), it is a cozy-trap and so inviting next to the warm fire--I'll never get anything done.

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