Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent Calendar.

The last few years my go-to Advent Calendar has been of the Trader Joe or World Market variety. You know, the ones with the little daily chocolates. We start off consistent but mid-December forget about them and I end up either letting The Little Girls scarf down chocolates to catch up or I magic the whole thing away to the trash out of annoyance. I want something decorative and more permanent, a display all three Littles can enjoy now and in the future. I was thrilled when I came across Jordan's creation and decided to make my own version for my mantel. I love how Jordan does a simple beautiful forest but I wanted to use some woodland animals as toppers. The Littles love their sweet furry faces and Goo is crazy for the VW Beetle.

Day one: a ticket to take photos with Santa!
Day two: Chocolate Coins!
(If you are planning to make this, get your boxes here!) 

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  1. so cute, Dusty! i love that little hedgehog! :)