Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Great Day.

Yesterday I noticed my old friend Jodi posted local photos on Facebook. She lives in Colorado so my heart fluttered and my fingers couldn't type fast enough to ask if she had any free time to meet up in town before her vacation ended. We met up this morning for a quick chat and you know it was just like old times (without a spontaneous duet of our favorite Simon and Garfunkel or Michael Card song). It has been seven years since Tim and I went to see her while she lived in Portland, OR-I was pregnant with Savannah and she made the most incredible salad I have ever enjoyed. She and I were on a youth group weekend trip the day I met Tim (1990), she has been there from our beginning. Many years later, after we were married we traveled to visit her while she lived in Amsterdam. On my first sleepover at her house (we were 14), I had forgotten underwear and she lent me a new pair-a thong. I was like, "What the hell? I'm supposed to sleep in this? Yikes!" The best thing about this friendship is we pick up just where we left off, she gives the best hugs! and nobody is a better listener-easier to laugh with-talk about whatever, than Jodi. Seeing her today made my heart swell.
Miss Savannah lost another tooth this afternoon. I was so worried she would loose it while she was at school and I would miss this important milestone in her young life...but she held onto it until she got off the bus and then it popped out.
A new smile. I love the changes she is going through and it blew my mind when I held that little tooth in the palm of my hand. I remember when this tooth made it's premier debut in her little mouth...sniff sniff. I think she looks like my cousin Lolly in this photo-it's the eyes.
Happy 36th Birthday today to Tim. I love this man.

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