Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ivy: "Have you seen my glasses?"
"Is my hair still straight?"
"I'm finking bad foughts and I know you said it would help to fink happy foughts but the bad foughts just keep getting in the way."
"I'm going to give you prayer and compliment now Mommy. Dear Jesus, give Mommy a good sleep and happy dreams. Amen. And for your compliment, Good job on games tonight Mommy."
"How many grapes did Andy put in his mouth at the tea party? Oh, oh yeah it was eleven."
"Today can we sit and talk about toys and games and well, you know?"
"I am so happy for Jackson. He is going to be so much better without that cast on. I can't wait until he gets it off today."

Savannah: "What do you think my mouth will look like when I loose this last front tooth? I think it's going to be a big square and I can stick my tongue through it."
"Mrs. French says I use a lot of tissues and I must have allergies."
"Do you think Ivy will have all the same teachers I have before her?"
"That smells like dog manure."
"When I grow up I am going to marry Nick and Andy. Yep, two husbands."
"Remember when we were driving home that one night and the moon was as big as we've ever seen it? I think that same thing is happening on this night (points to the calendar's next full moon)."

Grady: "Dis?"
"(crying) MamaMamaMama...."
(Tea Party with Andy)

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