Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ferryboats and Friends.

My Littles and I had a sleepover with Leilani and her Littles. She and I wanted to do something fun, easy and memorable. So the following morning, we took the ferryboat from Vallejo to San Francisco. Our destination: Lunch-date at the Ferry Building.
There was a lot of anticipation going into this ferryboat ride, The Little Girls had been looking forward to this experience for many days and I have wanted to see the city by water for quit some time.
Savannah's first glimpse of the city.
We got off at Pier 41 and enjoyed the walk along the Embarcadero, stopping to visit the Sea Lions at Pier 40...
and the Carousel at Pier 39.
Savannah looking out towards Alcatraz,
Ivy, admiring sea gulls...or planets.
Pier 3.
Our destination, The Ferry Building.
Miette's Rose Geranium Macaron, my favorite.
Good-bye San Francisco, we can't wait to do this lunch-date again.  

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  1. oh what a fun day! I <3 San Francisco...I think Jayden was about the same age as your little guy the last time we were there! :)