Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Funky Things.

Can I tell you something? I'm in a funk. Low energy, kind of down, really tired and desperate for a change of scenery. I've been low like this since Savannah finished the school year (when I abandoned my other blog) but really just began to admit it to myself this week. It isn't a constant "down" feeling, but it does creep up on me a couple times a day. I think it's a little of this. But it's also what my sister-in-law Jenny said: I need to get something big on the calendar. Our next (definite) big trip is a good 8 months away, I need a fix quicker than that. I'm thinking the ocean, Mendocino, this house.
When I was feeding The Goo early this morning, I stumbled upon this bright post. I love the comment thread, it cheered me up and got me thinking...What am I good at? And you know, running a short quick list in my head made me feel ready to face the day. When Tim woke up, I asked him off the top of his head something he is good at. I thought he would say one of the many things I think he is good at. For example; the art of conversation, his brain is a frickin calculator, ignoring whining or crying, setting his mind to something and following through (he is scary good at this, he once cut out eating sugar for months...DURING THE HOLIDAYS!) these sort of things. His response? "Being a dick at work." (this is true, it is the reason I don't work at our shop anymore). So something I am good at? I have a built in compass. I am very rarely lost and always know which direction I am facing. I can navigate my way around any city confidently even though I am a small town girl. What about you? What is your special talent? 

The other day Tim and I went on a date (thank you Deeds!) and I stopped to take this photo on Main Street. I have seen this historic spot a million times but for some reason it gave me the chills as I said to Tim, "That dummy hanging there is so freaky." Tim said, "It's fucking awesome is what it is." Confirming another thing he is good at; appropriately, but rarely, using the f-bomb to emphatically state his point.    

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  1. Your an amazing big sister. Make sure that is at the top of your list. LY