Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Cure, Part 1.

Tim threw his back out a few days before my surgery and so it was serendipitous we had planned to go on holiday with my brother's little family to our favorite spot to R&R- Mendocino/Fort Bragg. Bandaged and broken we loaded up the Botting Bus and headed for the coast. 
 Sunrise, first morning. The Little Girls had no idea we were staying on the ocean. Literally on the ocean. The bluff/backyard of the property we rented was maybe 20 feet off the deck then shear cliff to the sea. The sparkling water and waves were quite a distraction.
 Jenny and Jack, Jared in the background.
 Looking for whales.
 Relaxing on the deck.
 These dominoes kept Ivy busy all morning.
 Train time.
A Jack on the Rocks.
 The Goo. The light is so magical at the ocean.
 From the deck of our house.
Playing Flower Princess on our bluff.

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