Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This blog is not intended to be a forum for all Botting owies, but lately it seems as such. It has been a rough six months for all of us, we've each had our uphill battles with physical pain and unexpected doctor's visits. This little ditty was the result of being distracted while cutting a bell pepper. I don't know what made my stomach sicker; Tim's driving on the way to the hospital, or the amount of blood in the sink basin while trying to bandage it. All I could think of was Dan Aykroyd playing Julia Child on Saturday Night Live.
 And now that this is healing up quite nicely, I have some sort of sinus infection which I am sure is a result of not properly taking care of myself post-surgery the way I should have. I am looking forward to and yet dreading my Dr. appointment this afternoon.
My only wish for this coming New Year is less trips to the Doctor/Hospital and fewer if any medical bills.

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