Tuesday, December 13, 2011


These 3 window displays occupy the store front of Out Of This World toy store in Mendocino. I asked the shop keeper who built these scenes and she responded, "a 40-year old Lego fanatic that lives here in the village." She also said he used no kits or plans, just his own pieces and a few special order pieces.
 This was actually remotely controlled to be a down-hill ski race. I watched twice, both times Captain Jack Sparrow won followed shortly by Sponge Bob Square-Pants. Harry Potter came in dead last.
 This was uniquely clever...Occupy the North Pole. 
I was intensely motivated after seeing these art pieces, I ran in and bought The Light House. I had explicit directions and the box declared it easy enough for 8-12 year-olds and even then it took me longer than I thought and made me feel overwhelmingly idiotic. 
The other day the girls dropped it and it shattered in the hallway. I spent an hour putting it back together. Now they have to ask before touching it.

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