Monday, June 4, 2012


Last Friday we celebrated Savannah's Kindergarten Graduation. Look at these precious little children with so much promise! There was a slide show and the children sang a sweet song (video below).
Receiving her certificate from Mrs. Reeves. 
Savannah and Jackson (he brought her cute!)
Grandma and Grandpa Botting came to celebrate with us,
 Grandpa Dan and Sylvia too.
 Uncle Bubba, Aunt Jenny and Jack.
Her proud family.
 Best friend Gracie.
With her Mrs. Reeves.
And my favorite photo of the day. We all left Mrs. Reeves with tears in our eyes.

Mrs. Reeves read a lovely poem during the program. Sniffles filled the room. I don't know how she does it, sending these children out of her care. These babies spent more time in her loving classroom and under her guidance than they did {wakeful hours} with their families.

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