Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Fox And The Goo.

The Goo has this "thing" for foxes. His lovey fox (Sly Guy) he chose himself at 5 months old. I put it in his stroller as a way to keep him happy while in a toy store in Fort Bragg. When I thought he was through with it I tried to take it from his chubby hands but he held fast and firm to Sly Guy's floppy arm and gave me a sideways glance perfected only by his Dad, I knew then he was not going to be parted with this soft fuzzy. So now Sly Guy sleeps on the right side of Goo's bassinet while his blankie rests to the left or over his face. 

I wanted some artwork for Goo's nursery, he got this one for Christmas.
I don't know how she knew...I'm guessing her girls told her...but last Saturday I got this in the mail from Sharon The Great. For Grady's room, it's perfect. 

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