Sunday, February 26, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Dance.

A group of Dads from Savannah's school decided they wanted to be more involved in school related activities but in their own way. So far they have organized two on-campus events; a pancake breakfast and Friday night's Daddy-Daughter Dance. I adore Tim for many things, but my favorite thing about him these last few years is how he puts his own inhabitions aside and shows The Little Girls a side of him that few adults get to see. He encourages them to break out of their shy shells and try something new. He took Savannah to that dance and while he was at it,

he danced around with her friends whose Dads were too uncomforable to be on the dance floor. Then he came home and taught some dance moves to Ivy who felt a little left out. The three of them did that crazy Chicken Polka Dance all night.

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