Thursday, May 27, 2010

Michelle, My Belle.

This is Michelle.
If the stars ever align and you find yourself in a friendship with Michelle, you are the luckiest person in the universe. She brings sunshine to the darkest places and fun to any dull moment. She loves to laugh, takes on adventure, she is motivated, open-minded and wicked smart. Of course there is the obvious-she is beautiful, but what I love most about her is the loyal friendship through thick and thin, no matter what she is present and available to her friends.
(I borrowed these photos from her Facebook page)
(This one is mine, from our 2005 trip to London.
Michelle in Hyde Park.)

Michelle is graduating from College in two weeks, I couldn't be prouder.

Dear Michelle,
Congratulations on your graduation!
Your friendship means all of the above to me and more.
Thank you for continuing to keep in contact with me whenever you are in town, friendship is so easy with you. I realize it wasn't the stars aligning when we became friends but that God sent you into my life at a time when I was drowning,
He helped you bring me to the surface
and for that I thank you and Him.
You deserve the very best in life, Michelle.

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