Friday, March 26, 2010

A Tradition.

Tim and I have made a tradition of visiting Mendocino once a year since we were married in 1999. We used to visit more frequently when we lived in the Napa Valley but now that we are so much further away, we only go for our anniversary or a rare weekend away from the little girls. We love to stay here. If you can't stay here, at least try these recipes so you can enjoy the culinary aspect of being a guest in Mendocino. Want to live like the locals or at least mingle with them? Eat here.
We used to take Maile.
Savannah and Tim at Glass Beach.

The rugged Northern California Coast.

Savannah in our favorite Mendocino Coffee shop.


  1. Omg, she looks so cute. That lil hat! Ahhh, I die.

  2. Have a wonderful time. I've never been there so it's fun to at least visit through your photos. :)