Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Tim and I went on a date last night to see Green Valley Community Church's annual Christmas play or should I say their annual Christmas Broadway Show. The show never disappoints. It is so well done it's hard to believe the show is here in Placerville. If you have tickets to a show, you are lucky.
Savannah and I decorated the pink tree in the little girls' room. She did a good job. It was hard for me not to space the ornaments out after she clumped them together. When she realized the rest of the tree looked naked, her organized personality took over and decided that it was better if she handed me the rest of the ornaments and I place them on the tree. We used the angels my Mom used to have on her tree. Savannah knows they were Grandma Patty's and how special they are to me. This morning I found some of the angels in her bed. When I asked her about it she said "I wanted to take extra especial care of them because they miss Grandma Patty." It warmed and then broke my heart.

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  1. Don't let Kaylee see this room she would want it too. It is awesome!!