Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Shmo.

The first day of snow is magical, enchanting even.
The second day of snow is fun.
The third day of snow is annoying. It is either icy and frozen, or slushy and muddy. Today I am annoyed. I want to go down to my Honey Hut. I want to get wood from the woodpile without snow caving into my shoes. I WANT TO GO RUNNING (the only 30 minutes I have to myself all day)! I don't want to slip while I'm putting the girls in their car seats...again.
But I'm trying to think about the first day. The day I took these photos. It really was magical.


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  2. Unreal! I bet Tim liked the help. I see you are starting them early so they can clear the driveway by themselves and Tim can stay inside and watch PTI. I miss the snow!