Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm.

Six years ago today, Tim and I were in Boston. We had a full day planned that would lead us late into the night celebrating with old friends. We started the day on the Freedom Trail, searching for the best Cannoli the North End had to offer. We passed the home of Paul Revere and sat in the family boxes in the Old North Church. We meandered through the Copp Hill Cemetry. When we stopped at Quincy Market for some 'Chowda', we spotted a celebrity which somehow made us feel like locals. Our friends Faith and Aaron drove over from Northampton to spend the New Year with us. They met us at our hotel where we talked and laughed like old times when we all lived in the Napa Valley. We took the T to the airport to pick up Shannon. We giggled with excited anticipation of celebrating First Night in Boston Common. My memory of this happy day is so clear. I had no worries, no cares.
This same day thousands of miles away in Placerville, my life changed forever. What came next was a series of foggy details that scrambled up my happiness and replaced it with sadness, anguish and fear.
This day now means something else to me, a reminder of what can be lost in life. A reminder of what I want to hold dear.
Patricia Ann Sattler
April 3, 1952-December 30, 2003

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  1. Dusty,
    I have been thinking alot about you and your family today. I can't imagine how much you must miss your mom. I think about your mom all the time and miss her loving creative person that she was. You guys will be close to my heart today. I love you! Lissa