Monday, November 2, 2015


The Little Girls had their Halloween Parade on Friday. Ivy went as Alice In Wonderland and Savannah was Little Red Riding Hood. Grady dressed up too, he was an astronaut.
Ivy's class with their lovely Miss Flynn.
Gracie, Savannah and Wrenna are "too big" to walk in the parade (sniff, sniff) but their teacher still let them dress up and watch the lower grades in all their costume glory.
Ivy says she doesn't like the parade, it makes her uncomfortable with all the people watching and indeed, the look on her face as she marched the blacktop was pathetic.
On Halloween we stopped by Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's house. Shannon, John, Dee Dee, Brandon and baby Finley were there too! Such a treat.
After we went to Gracie's house for a little party and some trick-or-treating.
Grady was really into it this year, his little knock and "Trick or Treat!" were precious. The Little Girls were so happy to be celebrating with their school friends. Sarah and Gary, Gracie's parents, always have a great party in their sweet neighborhood. This year they were such fun as Pedro and Napoleon Dynamite! 

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