Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2015 Apple Hill Harvest Run.

 The Apple Hill Harvest Run is Camino School's biggest fundraiser, held the first Sunday in November. The proceeds pay for the Garden teacher as well as many other enriching activities for the students. I feel more connected to this race and how it benefits My Little Girls' school because I sit on the PTO board this year and can feel this event's important financial contribution to our budget.
This is the first year all 3 Littles ran the race! Ivy and Grady did the Kid's Fun Run. Because of other responsibilities with the race, I missed Grady's run (sniff, sniff). Tim says he had a fun time until he tripped and fell, banging up both knees pretty good. He still finished and told me after, "I didn't cry." I did see Ivy, she ran with her friend Amani. They were so sweet together and did great. Savannah, her two best girls Wrenna, Gracie and I did the 3.5, it was a beautiful day for a race.

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