Thursday, October 29, 2015


Hi. Are you still here? Coming to The Hut? Life around here has been busy and full and we have been sick and healthy and sick again and you know, I have an unpublished post waiting in the queue-something I wanted to share with you that I've been working on but all this sort of is irrelevant because a friend of mine, Amy, has horribly and tragically died in a car accident. So sudden, so painfully sad. I will miss her because, well, of course any reason you would miss a friend but you know, you can't imagine how lovely Amy's spirit is. And the thing I think of every time I close my eyes or wake up or sit quietly in any space since her accident is this: that darkness in grief, that split second of realization and then lingering period of complete agony of not having this person in your physical space anymore, that scary cavern of empty space where she no longer is, that fear of life without her, that list of unanswered questions, that questioning why her, that not being able to say goodbye? Amy's family feels that right now. It makes me physically ill to know people I care about are hurting like this. I've been there feeling that and it's just awful. Anyways, maybe more on this later (I'd sure like to share some fun stuff about Amy)...maybe not. This wound is fresh and has privately torn open an old one for me.

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  1. I'm so sorry. We heard the news, and I'm still in shock. This is so sad. I have no words.