Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Tara's new house in Poulsbo has a name! I swoon at a property with a name, don't you? The previous owner and builder of this lovely spot was a Master Gardener. The acreage is lush and vibrant, curated meticulously with a variety of plants, trees, flowers, fruit and vegetables. There is a tree house, rope swing, island with moat(!), acreage enough for a hike, barn, ponds, large living space...
(Tara on a hike around property)

AND A SHE SHED!! Yes, Tara has her own little cottage! Previously a potting shed, I can't wait to see what she makes of it.

I cannot tell you how lovely a feeling it was to sit at Tara's kitchen table and chat over coffee while Littles played nearby. Such peace and comfort to drink from those same mugs and share in the newness of this Washington life.
Oh, and Georgia (one of the Morris' cats) made herself right at home in Ivy's suitcase. I guess she needed a little bit of Camino to feel at home.

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