Monday, May 11, 2015

The Gift of Faith.

Last week, my sweet friend Faith came to visit! It's been two years since we've seen her, far too long of an absence from her. Faith is on a friend tour across the United States. She has taken many long train rides and flights over the last month and a half, she started from her home in Jamaica Plains (Boston) and stayed with dear friends in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Arizona, now in California and will finish her trip in Oregon and Washington. I love her sense of adventure. Because her family lives in Central California, we are guaranteed a quick visit every couple of years, this time she came and stayed for some time at The Hut.
Goo and I met her at the train station downtown Sacramento.
Watching for her train...
This is a terrible photo (darn cracked lens...) but the first day Faith was here, the temperature was cold and the air crisp. So we had a campfire as soon as we picked The Little Girls up from the bus and roasted marshmallows.
There were special moments when The Littles had Faith to themselves, she told them stories and played reading games with each of them. My heart was warm and happy whenever I stumbled upon these tender moments.
Reminiscent of our college days, we both decided to try a new craft/art project while she was in town. She, hoping to select an upcoming project for her art students to complete and I, hoping to learn something to share at Summer Camp (more on this in the future) in the months ahead. We excitedly settled on needle felting!
Faith's owl.
My fox.

We shared a lot. Caught up. Laughed till it hurt. Confided in each other. My friend cup was filled to the brim. These types of friendships never grow old.

Saying goodbye was tough.
Goo keeps saying how much he misses "Naith". "Where is she?"

Thank you for coming to stay. Your friendship means more to me than you'll ever know. I can't wait to hear where your next adventure leads. Thank you for reminding me about kindness and how delightfully important it is. You are an amazing individual. Star sisters forever. ♥♥

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