Thursday, May 14, 2015

Baby Bird.

I saved this little chickadee baby from our wild huntress kitty early this morning after she had brought it home to me as a prize. This baby sat in my hand trying to get its wits about itself after such an ordeal.
It kept looking up at me with this expression which I couldn't really read. Thankful? Curious? Hopeful? Safe? Fear?
I took it outside to release it and immediately this baby started calling to its mama or family for help. And I heard a response! Such a magical sound! I headed toward the area where the answer came from, all the while this baby called on.
The answers came from our neighbors truck bed! And it dawned on The Little Girls, Goo and I all at once, we know where the nest is! So we helped this other nestling out of the truck bed and took them both back home, they were hatched in the birdhouse attached to Nita's art cottage!
I placed them on the ledge and stepped back to see what would happen. (birdhouse on the right below)
They just sat there looking at us seemingly asking, "now what?"
Goo and I went back to check on the babies after taking The Little Girls to school, the baby who we first met didn't make it. Sad. It lay on the ground at the base of the cottage. A short life but with big impact on our lives.

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