Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's New With Goo.

The Goo loves to drink smoothie, place it on the bookshelf above and settle in for some literary reorganizing (i.e. pull all the books down onto the floor step all over them. In this photo I have just tidied up and he is scheming his next mess).
The Goo loves to pull Ivy's lovely red curls, pull on the skirt of her dress, spin her around in the swivel chair while she is enjoying a movie or looking through a book, pull her glasses off her face and hug her at the worst possible times making it the best possible time, of course.
The Goo is a babe of few words (insert the apple/tree connection here if you know his Dad). Luckily, The Little Girls and I have taught him to communicate some manners through a variety of hand waves. He waves to say please, thank you, your welcome and SORRY. We started this waving language intentionally a while back. We all love it especially Ivy who as mentioned before is typically the target of his um...attention.
The Goo trills his tongue to make the car engine sound. He has trilled since he could hold a car/truck/plane in his chubby little hand. He really gets going on this trilling sound while deep in play. I never tire of the sound, it is sweet music to my day and I miss it a little while he is napping. 
The Goo loves books, even ones without photos. He can sit and thumb through the pages of one of Tim's books for a disturbing length of time. I always wonder just what he could be thinking while turning page after page.
The Goo loves to boogie. He dances often and with good rhythm. You know that lull in the afternoon? The one where you really could use a cup of coffee or a luscious nap? That is our best dance time. It keeps the grumpies away.
The Goo knows exactly what you are talking about and nods emphatically to agree, or shakes his head and says, "uh... no no." Just like that.
The Goo gives great open mouth kisses accompanied with a "MU AH!" I love it. 

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