Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quick Hit.

Snow started to stick today at 1:30. By 4:30 we had 8 inches of snow.
Also during that time Ivy took a marathon sink bath and we had trouble getting Savannah home from school due to a "bus in a snow ditch" situation.
(terrible photo quality I know...had to act quickly, her imaginary play was quite funny)
So here's a bit of excitement on a quiet (ha! remember this?) country road: Kristina, a friend of mine through book club (she's the co-founder of Book N Hookers who has been living in Vietnam the last couple years so I'm only now just getting to know her), has just recently moved in two doors down! Hip Hip Hooray! The bus stop is in front of her house. She saw me standing out front waiting for the bus in not quite blizzard conditions. She called me and told me I better come in for a cup of coffee, she had some news on the bus. Her son had called her from the bus and that is how we pieced the rest of the afternoon together as to where my one child was and where her four older children were. Oh, and Kristina makes the best coffee, I sorta hope she sees me out front in bad conditions more often (minus the anxiety over the whereabouts of my precious Little). In the end*, my Dad came to the rescue and picked Savannah up at school after the school called saying the conditions were no longer safe for bus travel...duh. Savannah said she played happily with her little friend in the gymnasium those two hours after school but she had a terrible tummy ache the whole time because she was a little hungry and a lot nervous as to when she would be going home.
*You may be wondering why I didn't just pick up Savannah from school myself. On snowy days, the school strongly suggests all kids ride the bus because the school's road is quite treacherous for individual vehicle travel.

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