Monday, February 18, 2013

Kunekune Piglets.

My sister Deanna's friend Steve and his wife raise a rare New Zealand pig called the Kunekune. Steve invited Deeds to see their new piglets and My Littles and I tagged along. There is no creature cuter than a piglet; pink skin, soft fur, long eyelashes and sweet swingy tail. So we were lucky the Kunekune sow is very docile and friendly, allowing us to pet and hold the wee babes. The Little Girls were oohing and giggling while piggies tried to suckle their shoes and The Goo was very interested in the babes under the heat lamp snuggled tightly atop each other. We learned so much about raising Kunekune in the hour we spent in the pigpen, farm life is such an adventure. Thank you Deeds for arranging this fun for us.

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