Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Family Heirloom.

At this very moment both Ivy and Grady are taking a nap and Savannah is still in school. I feel like someone just dropped off a package full of slight-freedom on my front doorstep! The house is quiet save the gentle snores of sweet children. It is cold today-a rare cold, sunny and spots of dry flurries are in the air. The light is different too. My favorite kind of cold. It isn't stopping the birds from their song or daily duties.
My Mom gave me a necklace a couple years before she died. It was her "something old" for her Vegas wedding to my Dad. My Grandma Marian gifted it to her.
 When my Grandma was little it was her Mom's,
my Great-Grandma Carrie Campbell. And before her it belonged to my Grandma's Grandmother,
Amanda Sandmann. Marian was never allowed to play with it when she was growing up, she could only look at it in her Mother's dresser drawer. In that drawer was my Great Grandmother's gold bracelet and gold lapel watch my Great Grandpa gave her while courting her. My Grandma Marian and her siblings (Carol, Eleanor, Bud) cut their baby teeth on that gold bracelet. Before my Mom gave it to me, she or my Grandma restrung it and gave it a new clasp. Ivy is wearing it here, playing in my jewelry box.
 I wore it to my Mom's funeral here. (Why am I smiling? Saddest day ever!)
My Mom, Patricia. 
My parent's wedding day, September 3, 1975.
I love this photo, my Dad's hair and the joy on my Mom's face.

Silence broken...I just heard a Goo.   

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  1. How precious and amazing, Dusty! I always wished my family had an heirloom like that. It must be incredible to know you're wearing something that traces back through time for decades and decades.