Friday, January 13, 2012


This morning I found both Little Girls in Ivy's bed snuggling together. This has NEVER happened. Oh, they have both slept in Savannah's bed many times but not in Ivy's. She is very particular about who is allowed to touch/play on her bed. This Barbie menagerie took up any and all pillow space there would have been for two Little Girls-how did they manage to sleep? Creepy. 
Tim just informed me that my red lipstick makes me look like a clown. I asked if it was the color or my big lips. He said both. I told him I wore it to Savannah's school yesterday. He said that was a mistake. I'm going to wear it anyway. My grandma always wore red lipstick when we were little, I thought she was so glamorous. I loved watching her apply it in a cross-like fashion, then rubbing her lips together and smudging it gently with her ring finger. I remember sneaking into her pocketbook once to try some on myself, I chickened out.
 What do you think? Clown?
So this post wraps up my week. Look! Did you notice? I posted every day this week. I haven't found time to do this don't remember. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. I love the lips! And your hair is looking great too, you're making me think I want to grow my hair long again.

  2. Tim's beauty advice is a mistake, the lipstick looks really good.