Sunday, January 29, 2012

Art Defined.

 I know bragg-y parents can be obnoxious and so it is with MUCH restraint that I dial my pride back a bit everyday and not post artwork done by Miss Savannah Jane. As an art enthusiast and former Art Teacher, I am thrilled to hold in my hands daily examples and proof of my child's extraordinary ability to capture her current thoughts and imagination in a drawing embellished with brilliant color. Kids play in different ways. Savannah plays in her drawing.
This morning while I was taming The Goo, I passed the easel and this rendering caught my eye.
 This is Savannah's explanation...
Savannah: "This is Ivy and I getting married. Ivy is marrying Daddy and I am marrying Grady. Each one of us is thinking where we would like to get married. Ivy wants to be married in Paris, but Daddy wants to be married somewhere else in France. I want to be married in London but Grady has decided on Lost Angela's."
Me: "So where are you here?"
Savannah: "Lost Angela's. Sorry you can't be there, you died."
 Me: "Oh."

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  1. This is priceless, Mud. I'm so glad you've captured it!

    And you can brag to me all you want. Savannah is amazing and so talented. And I'm just crazy about her.