Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 In the form of what (I am certain) looks like a slow, crippled animal-I am still running. Not my non-pregnant 3 miles a day but more like 1-2 of those miles mixed in with resting/walking. I am four weeks away from my due date, 36 weeks pregnant and possibly daft. But my doctor encourages my running, my legs aren't as restless and crampy at night and my mental health is sunny.

I've spent the last two afternoons sorting and washing baby boy clothes. We have been very blessed to have such crazy generous friends give us what they no longer need, these will undoubtedly clothe Baby B for the first two years of his life...
 ...which is good because up until these sweet friends offered, these three items I purchased wouldn't have made it past the first blow-out.
 A special THANK YOU! to Kristi, Leilani and Jenny. Your boys have always been adorably dressed, I feel so lucky!

Oh and I finally spent some quality time with Kalia. She is such a D-O-L-L!
 Crazy Cute.

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  1. You are MOST welcome! Just so glad Baby B is coming and will have plenty to choose from. Love that pic of Kalia and that she made your blog. Hugs girlie!