Wednesday, February 16, 2011


 Our family dog Lexi has died. She was the last of us kids to live at home, surviving each one of us moving out and becoming adults. I imagine she was awfully sad and confused when four children living on the Ranch became zero. She became my Dad's shadow and followed him faithfully everywhere.When we pull up to The Ranch, there she is waiting on the front porch or under the holly tree. She slowly and happily meets you at your car door, hoping for a scratch behind the ear or in our case a runaway treat (i.e. cracker/fruit-snack/goober) that has escaped little fingers and retreated to the floorboards. In winters past she would get so spooked by the thunder and lightning, she would run right through her electric fence. Once she ended up on Hwy 50 (this is far for a dog) with her best girlfriend (neighbor dog) Shirley. Last winter I was with her when she took off during such a storm. My Dad was out of town and I was in absolute panic. Our neighbor the next ranch over brought her and Shirley back a couple hours later. Two weeks ago we walked the property Dad, Sylvia, Tim, The Little Girls and I. Lexi slowly followed us around each acre, lying down when we stopped to chat/play and straining through pain to get up and be with us no matter where--the definition of loyal. Last Wednesday when I pulled up to the house she sat up and looked at me but that was all she could muster.
Early days.
First snow.
 Backpacking with Tim and I.
 A Lexi-loving.
 Every time The Little Girls are around, her tail thumps wildly. I'm glad that in the end she was in the company of children, just like her beginning. I hope it made her feel young again, even if only at heart.

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  1. Oh Dusty, just saw this, I'm so sorry. Pets are such a part of the family. How old was she? Looks like she had a very good life with lovely people surrounding her. Sweet Lexi.