Monday, December 27, 2010

Eve At The Ranch.

 Friday morning we went to Dad's for a Sattler holiday. 
The 3 J's couldn't make it but as you can see, the rest of us did.
 Dad, trying out Dawson's new scooter. 
Ivy chased him about, calling after him that he was a big kid just like her.
 Some of us girls.
 Dawson showing Ivy the ropes.
 Fun with Big Wheels.
 This face explains exactly how fast this feels. I clearly remember soaring my own Big Wheels down this very same driveway a million years ago.


  1. All kinds of fun on wheels!

    I remember my own Big Wheel too...that crunchy plastic wheels against pavement sound is one I cannot forget! Didn't it feel like you were pedaling a million miles an hour? :)

  2. I was completely deprived- I had no idea what a Big Wheel was until Robbie & John Sedar were talking about how William would love one when he was still an infant. :) Love seeing all your fun family pics!