Monday, December 13, 2010

Antique Faire-December Edition.

 The thrill of the hunt never dies at the Sacramento Antique Faire. It was a beautiful Sunday morning for December, a month very testy weather-wise for an outdoor market. I took very little home, spent more on food than antiques, but I found myself finding objects I would love to give as gifts if only it were in my budget.
 For my sister-in-law Jenny, we drove ALL OVER Orlando, Florida looking for lawn flamingos-to no they are in our own backyard.
 Joshlynn, we were just talking about chenille throws yesterday!!
This poster I really wanted for myself, I adore it. But could I afford the $85 price tag, I would have given it to Sharon along with these baskets and burlap sacks...very French.
For Bethany of Rinse Repeat, this is your color and seems like you, and can I just say...I am completely starstruck from your comment on this blog. I admit to squealing and jumping up and down. For reals.
These are the real deal. $255, never worn and a complete deal in terms of Louboutin. Size 8. Too big for me and I am so unsure of my girlfriends' shoe sizes...I couldn't think of an owner for these girls but had to post their photo.
 These tinsel trees were fancy, and not a one for sale (why, oh WHY?). 
These for Jeni, I wished you were there.


  1. I couldn't have been more bummed to have missed it & hanging out with you girls- Here's to Jan. hopefully?? Thanks for thinking of me even though I couldn't be there. Love all your pics! ;)

  2. I began to comment on this post, but the length of my comment just got outta control!

    So, I'm sending you an email instead. :)

    But can I just doubly say...hello adorable radio?! Eek!