Thursday, December 2, 2010

All In A Week.

 Hello Honey Hutters!
It's good to be back after a week off, here is what we did while taking a break from The Honey Hut.

Thanksgiving Eve, Jeni and I went on a little road trippin' adventure to Reno to see Sara Bareilles in concert at the Knitting Factory. Sara did not disappoint. If this Northern California girl is ever in your area, do not miss a chance to see her perform live. She is very talented and the kind of girl you want to be friends with.
Jeni and I in a silly self photo. I blame the blurriness on the quick snapping of the lens due to oncoming traffic and an outside temperature of 3 degrees. Yes, 3.

Thanksgiving at the three J's (Jared, Jenny and Jackson's house).
Savannah and Sydney, cousins and Squaw's.
My Pilgrim.
The whole family, I love this photo and the people in it.
A new generation of cousins.
The sweetest thing. Baby Jack.

On Black Friday we skipped the crowds and headed east to Tahoe with Tim's family (thank you Margaret and Gordon!). The mountains were in full snowy splendor, demanding the start of the Christmas Season.
Little Botting's and Botting's of the male variety.
More Botting's.
Marriot's Timber Lodge couldn't have been more ideal for our group. It is so centrally located for whatever activity anyone might desire including planned kids activities by the hour. The Little Girls got their faces painted every afternoon, complete with warm cookies and a new shiny balloon.
Savannah and her Grandpa Gordon.

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  1. Good times! I will never forget that trip and Sara is awesome live- even if we had to stand forever ;) When are we all going to stand on my piano? Oh wait- William would do that in heartbeat right now. ;) Love the Pilgrim/Indian headgear. And the snow pics are so cute! Looks so fun, can't wait to catch up. xoxo